AEISG Storage and Handling of Solid Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice

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The Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group Incorporated (AEISG) is pleased to announce that a new Code of Practice, ‘Storage and Handling of Solid Ammonium Nitrate’, Edition 1, June 2022 has been released and is available on the Codes of Practice tab of this website, or click on this link below. AEISG Codes of Practice are developed in the interests of improving safety and security in the handling of explosives and related materials, which members are required to follow under the AEISG constitution.

The Code of Practice – Storage and Handling of Solid Ammonium Nitrate (Code) will provide the Australasian, and global, industry with a best practice risk-based approach for the safe storage and handling of solid ammonium nitrate. AEISG thanks its members, relevant regulatory bodies and other stakeholders for their review and comments on the various iterations of the draft Code, culminating in the release of Edition 1.

A special thank you to our technical writer, risk specialists, members and regulatory bodies that participated in the AEISG Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Technical Panel, which developed a scientifically based and verifiable risk-based approach to the storage of AN.

Storage and Handling of Solid Ammonium Nitrate Edition 1, June 2022