National Transport Commission exempts MPUs from the ADG Code

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National Transport Commission exempts MPUs from the ADG Code

At the request of Australian Dangerous Goods Regulators, AEISG developed a code to address Mobile Processing Units (MPUs) used to manufacture explosives at the use site. MPUs carry ingredients to make explosives, rather than the explosives themselves, thus improving safety on public roads. However, because of the incompatible nature of the ingredients, such vehicles would not be consistent with the ADG Code requirements.

Having developed its MPU Code and having it accepted by all explosives/dangerous goods regulators, AEISG has been seeking for some time to have it formally recognised in the ADG Code and the associated legislation.

This has finally been achieved in the latest edition of the ADG Code (7.6) where Clause (Note 4) outlines the exemption provided by Regulation 1.1.6(3) of the Model Subordinate Instrument.

As from 1 July 2018, operators of MPUs transporting AN, ANE and effect chemicals on public roads may now comply with only one code – the AEISG MPU Code.The MPU Code provides guidance on the need for legislative licensing where relevant.